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“ztirffritz”OK, this guy picked up what I was laying down.

I sent him an email explaining what I was trying to do and he immediately grasped that there was a market segment that he was completely ignorant about.  He spent about 15 minutes on the phone with me trying to understand the function and the appeal of airguns.  He said “I focus on scuba gear, I never knew about people using scuba tanks for airguns”.  I told him he’s been supplying components to PCP airgunners for quite a while, he just didn’t know it.  I told him to visit JoeB’s showroom/warehouse because he was based in Huntington Beach as well to see what people are looking for.

I tracked him down via this Amazon listing:

He was happy as could be to learn about airguns and said he might work on putting something together if it helps him to sell more of his valves and fittings. 

If you have a Parker Store or similar business near you, you can build a high quality fill assembly for about $125-130.  I built my first assembly but decided to get a second one from Joe Brancata. It was about $150.  Now I can cascade different tanks and use most of the air in each tank before needing to get them filled.