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“spysir”FP,  if willing to buy used ( I’ve owned something over 100 used airguns and had only one issue) , and the looks don’t override everything else, consider an AA400 or 410 bolt action. At any given power level the older 16mm shrouded version is quitter than the newer 20mm sidelever. “I” don’t care about that but many do and I admit it gets you an extra shot at a squirrel sometimes. The trigger on the older models is SO much better. Along with putting the safety ON the trigger blade –  no safety on the older one-on the sidelever model it simply isn’t the same unit.
 Someone at BAGA very likely owns an aa 400 or 500

edit to ad pic, AA410 with custom stock

I greatly appreciate those fellows who have run the field letting us know their experiences with different rifles.  Most here simply do not have the funds to do so.  So I encourage those who have the experience to let us know your thoughts and findings.