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Part of being able to make an educated decision, is actually having the education. (knowledge) – takes time and effort to learn with the proper tools. Wether they are books, experience and or actual scientific tools. For the cost out of pocket for the tools, the internet would assists in the rest of the skill sets with guidance. 

What everyone is missing here is that OP was asking for help. He obviously does not have the current skill set for judging wind and or a local to assist in that knowledge. Offering up the real advice he needs to learn and teach himself will be invaluable in the future. The tools proposed would give him the capacity to do just that, learn. Eventually, he would be in the same boat as you folks with the wealth of knowledge. Thus not having to rely on the ‘modern tools’ and do it based off experience. 

I agree, it is an art. AN art honed over time. If FAST corrections to the art are what are needed to further the skill set. An anemometer with the wind vane would correct wind issues immediately.