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If you buy the extra fac version there is a power adjuster wheel on the side that allows you to increase or decrease the speed of the pellet you shoot.  You will need a chronograph to determine how fast, or slow the rifle is shooting a given type/weight of pellet.

You can use a shoebox compressor, also there are a few hand pumps out there that won’t break the bank(hill, air venturi, benjamin), or you could go with the Omega compressor that will fill guns, tanks and such but can cost from 1200-1800 depending on what model and who you buy it from. 

So you see how things can add up quickly when you get into pcp’s now.  Perhaps a less expensive scope such as an Aeon, or Hawke(I have both and are nice for the money) instead of the expensive sightron can help things out.  Also if you get a compressor then you won’t need a large(expensive) tank because you can refill any time you like.

Anyways get some sleep, think about it some more and don’t rush into buying anything.  I would suggest before making any purchase to email Boomer at BAGA and see if he can get some guys and their pcp’s and accessories together for you to check out then go from there.