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I’m also used a 3/4″ stall mat as a trap back stop lining the bottom of a 12″ x18″ milk crate (makes it easy to deploy and move to various distances).I just face the crate on its side toward me and clip a target on its opening. I use two layers at a time. Cutting the 4×6 foot sheet ($45) is a bit of an effort but doable with a sharp utility knife. My 25cal WC and FX400 both penetrate the first layer but not the second at 50yds. The piece are cut just a bit bigger and they wedge themselves in place nicely. Once I’m done with my shooting I lift the front layer and scoop them up. I have started to keep them as I may find someone who casts there their own and can recycle them. Eventually the top mat will need to be replaced but when that time comes I”ll swap the front with the back and I”m set for a while.