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Well, as a relative new guy to the sport/hobby of the air gun world, literally, I would not be involved if it was not for Ted. That isn’t to puff him up, declare him my hero, or to put anyone else down. It’s fact, 100%. I do not have the knowledge that most people on these forums have and I try my best to be a wallflower and glean as much information as I possibly can every time I’m on here and from anyone that will dispense it. I just spent over an hour talking with a guy I’ve never met before because we shared a love for a hobby that I can’t talk to my neighbor about. And it was thanks to this forum.

That being said, I’m pretty ticked that anyone in this sport/hobby would not appreciate someone that brings more attention to air gunning. It doesn’t matter where you go, there’s always a group of miserly old buttholes that sit around on their pots of gold and believe they can take it with them, or those elitist jerks who don’t want anyone else to know about their super secret squirrel stuff. Get over it. Someone is making money doing something they love. It’s the friggin American dream.

Ted, if this is your home, like you say it is, feel free to defend it with as much aggression as you see fit. I can be very reasonable with reasonable people. But if someone comes to my house and starts trouble, and refuses to be reasonable or respectful, they will get a full measure of country boy fury and a swift kick in the nuts and will be lucky to make it out with their hide.