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Looking at my 2 1377 pistols the one my neighbor gave me is still in the original box and has an American flag on it, it looks to be a first production series gun with the metal breach and it is in very good condition it also seems to have a better rear sight. The other one I have is the newest version with the brass bolt and shoots only pellets the older one says it shoots BB’s & pellets both are .177 cal. I plan to rebuild the older one because it does not hold pressure anymore. I may have to look for the second production model so I have all three.

From the Crosman site.

Model 1377 American ClassicPneumatic, .177 cal., single shot. First variant w/manual cocking & steel breech.Pistol1977-1981

Model 1377 American ClassicPneumatic, .177 cal. pellet/BB, single shot. Second variant with plastic breech.Pistol1981-1998

Model 1377 American ClassicPneumatic, .177 cal. single shot pellet. Third variant pellet only w/brass bolt actionPistol1998-present