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“gamyrick”The purpose of the forum is to be instructive, insightful or helpful in advancing the air gunning community. When I file a post, I ask myself if it will accomplish one of these goals. Again, there is a ton of available information on most of the air guns talked about on this forum. Even if you are correct, you could have simply explained that he should file a post under the Review Heading. Others may find that information insightful or helpful. This forum was not formed to exclude air guns that are not well known or give people a hard time if they’re not in the click. Please, be helpful and provide links to the information that you’ve found and let-it-go. I shall comment no further.

Good advice. On the other hand one wants to protect the forum that we both find valuable. It’s a common enough tactic for some lesser known products. A new member comes on and under the guise of someone honestly looking for info asks repeatedly about some new product. It’s an under handed way to get lots of free advertising. They always claim there is no info when there is a fair amount and just want the generous members to look it up so they get the effect of ads without the cost or  the support for the forum.
Sorry if I’m wrong.

Lol well I’m no advertising spy or anything of the sorts.I joined this forum to be a part of it and to help my air gun interest grow.I guess I’ll take my leave now and look elsewhere.
Best of luck.