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 In Australia feral cats cause untold damage to the wildlife and with a feral cat, it’s a shoot on sight policy. 30fpe in .22 is plenty for a cat, just put the pellet between the eyes or just behind the eye, towards the ear, if shooting from the side…and yes if idiots would stop feeding them, then they would stop coming round. I worked at a mine where the cleaners used to feed the ferals…we’d walk out at the end of the day and there are the cleaners, cats all round them…”Don’t feed the cats” I’d say…”We don’t” they’d lie….eventually the mine manager had them poisoned….dead and dying cats all round the cleaners who were balling their eyes out that afternoon… I didnt have the heart to say, told you not to feed the cats.,…. Shooting would have been far kinder…eventually the cleaners moved on and no more cats….I told the manager he needn’t have poisoned the 15 cats, poisoning the 3 cleaners would have been more humane.