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Small to medium game. Coyote and smaller basically. This is more of a just in case companion. Then again, my children hunt and shoot with me so it might end up being one of theirs for when we are out hunting. 

As for MATCH grade, probably not where I want to be right now. Still accuracy is a factor I want to be able to get farther out with it if I decide to just take it out with us or pack it in a pack. 

Edgun I was watching for awhile in the pistol area. Still availability is not great. 

Thanks Ted. i’m going to start my research process. \

Michael, someone recently posted an old video, they were finishing off the rabbits with a marauder. Great video, great hunters, but still. I felt at that range it was overkill. Just reminded me I should have something other than my knife. If I have an issue where my shot was not clean and I walk up on an injured animal. I normally just dispatch them with my knife. 

Luckily I have not had an issue a Coyote or similar sized game yet, but there is a danger factor that I could avoid with a PCP pistol as a companion./ 

When looking on sites like PA, and AoA, the selections are not as large and since each of the dealers carry different product. The variables are vast/.