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I’m with you on this Ted and have been a member from Day 1.  Those who were causing issues are most likely wish they had your success and hate you for it.  Since they cannot be a success they aim to bring you down to their level.  I have seen this many times in my life and recently with coworkers.  I have watched your site grow from the Edgun days and think it was brilliant to get in on this gig from early on.  I’m sure there were others doing vids before you overseas but you saw an opportunity to turn a loved hobby into a business.  I have always been envious of people who have done this but if there is someone to blame I see him in the mirror every morning.  I recently parted company with a miserable group of people I worked for over 23 years.  I am now starting a woodworking business that will supplement income from my next job.  I am looking forward to developing my skills and marketing them for profit as you have. 

This is still a small forum but loaded with quality people.  People love quality and here we have the best quality air gunners to be found on this side of the pond.  If the moderators can keep out the trash and keep things upbeat and positive this forum will continue to grow to the number one slot. 

Now get back to making vids!