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If you really like the challenge of springers, but are looking for greater POI repeatably you need to move upscale.  A Walther LGV or Walther LGU offer decent barrels, good workmanship, the latest design which I define as looking at what works in other guns and incorporating it, and a reasonably good trigger. Prices are competitive with HW and the TX.  Moreover, some swear that neither the LGV or LGU need to be tuned.  I however, had my .177 LGV tuned and upgraded it with the optional “Tuning Trigger” from Walther.  I installed the tuning trigger in my .177 LGU and will be sending it out for a tune shortly.  It probably does not need the tune but it is my bench rest (BR) match gun and i want it as refined as possible.

Note I also shoot PCPs in competitive BR matches at 25 meters (occasionally) and 100 meters regularly.  Twenty-five meter matches with my PCP get boring.  I’m not saying I do a great job with a PCP, I’m just saying I get bored about half way through each card.  I’m too busy to get bored however, when I shoot my LGU in a BR competition. Basically, the greater spring gun challenge is more fun for me and the challenge of shooting against 2, 3 or 4 other spring gunners in a BR match can’t be beat.  

Best wishes.

The other Mark B.