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“billydjann”Ok all
I am addicted to air rifles…. but when I mention my hobby all I get are smirks and giggles… and statements like… get a real gun you sissy.
Then of course they ask cost of shooting mainly pcp… then all of a sudden I am looked at as a nut…
I can explain until I am blue in the face… but nothing seems to get through to these people.
I love to hunt squirrels…. when asked what I use…. I say air rifle… The looks I get and statements I receive are upsetting… I live in ny state and can’t locate many air gunners to shoot with…or people that understand.

My question
What do you tell people that act like air guns are toys…?



Im struggeling with the same to be honest , tho as i live in norway where hunting with air wepons are stricktly ilegal so fellow airgun shooters are target shooters , tho majority of airguns in norway are plinkers or op springers bought by new to the sport people.

where i used to work i tried getting a shooting meet going (a social get together with friendly competition) , but doing so with airguns was out of the question !! it was not accurate and silly and expencive and so and so ….  so i let some of them shoot my hw100 177  (it goes hole in hole at 70 meters with 28 shots)

when accuracy was proven it became a question of how insanely expencive it was and how dangerous the high pressure air was +++ 

i learned something that time tho …. DONT bother argue the case , just havve fun with your hobbie and enjoy with friendly people :)