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“Robonline”Really? Have you bothered to Google this? Lots of stuff out there. You mention it several times in another thread, are you trying to drum up interest in this or something?

My father always said: “Don’t look for the injury were none is meant.” There is a ton of information out there concerning Daystate, FX, Air Arms and so on. But this forum is full of questions concerning those makes of air guns. Before I make a purchase, I like to communicate with someone who already owns the product. I recently read a post on this very forum that helped me to decide between a Daystate and an FX air rifle. I started working when I was 12 years old and I’m nearly 60. Not everyone can afford an expensive PCP. If I have a question and I don’t get an answer, I’ll ask the question more than once looking for the answer. I don’t know “dodge3500” but I’m not going to impugn his character based on asking a question more than once.