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“travels4fun”I’m not so sure I agree that Daystate doesn’t make a mid powered .25 (45-55fpe). A couple of months ago, I test fired the .25 Air Ranger at AOA and was getting 935-940 fps using the JSB Kings. That’s 49fpe. The gun was straight out of a new box and had not been tweaked. It’s possible that it may have been a bit hotter than others but I would expect at least 45fpe from a .25 Air Ranger.


Good point.  I forgot about the 50 ft/lb Air Ranger.  But, that gun is the past – Daystate isn’t even making them anymore.  And, when they were making them, they were not designed for the diabolo pellet.  They were making the gun before the JSB King launched a few years back.  And the Air Ranger Extreme that I reviewed had a 6 land/groove polygon barrel on it.  It was clearly designed for bullet use.  This all sounds like I am busting Daystate’s balls.  I absolutely am not. :)  Rather, I am begging them (on my knees) to create a 50 ft/lb Air Wolf (preferably with a standard Huggett moderator).  I would prefer the gun to shoot at 47 ft/lbs (Low) and 62 ft/lbs (Hight).  This would optimize it for both JSB .25 pellets.  And, also make in in tactical black.  Can you see me Daystate?  I am manically waiving my money at you!!.  hahahaha.

Couple of questions Ted:

• Would you choose the electronic over the mechanical? If they do end up doing one obviously  

• is your reason for begging them to do a .25 because you want to see what the daystate .25’s are capable of so you can choose between the guns you have and only keep the best?? Or do you just want them all ;) obviously your current .25’s are very accurate and you’d probably struggle to get much more accuracy in reality, so is it the ultimate accuracy chase or just a new toy with different ergonomics and for different purposes?