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“travels4fun”I’m not so sure I agree that Daystate doesn’t make a mid powered .25 (45-55fpe). A couple of months ago, I test fired the .25 Air Ranger at AOA and was getting 935-940 fps using the JSB Kings. That’s 49fpe. The gun was straight out of a new box and had not been tweaked. It’s possible that it may have been a bit hotter than others but I would expect at least 45fpe from a .25 Air Ranger.


Good point.  I forgot about the 50 ft/lb Air Ranger.  But, that gun is the past – Daystate isn’t even making them anymore.  And, when they were making them, they were not designed for the diabolo pellet.  They were making the gun before the JSB King launched a few years back.  And the Air Ranger Extreme that I reviewed had a 6 land/groove polygon barrel on it.  It was clearly designed for bullet use.  This all sounds like I am busting Daystate’s balls.  I absolutely am not. :)  Rather, I am begging them (on my knees) to create a 50 ft/lb Air Wolf (preferably with a standard Huggett moderator).  I would prefer the gun to shoot at 47 ft/lbs (Low) and 62 ft/lbs (Hight).  This would optimize it for both JSB .25 pellets.  And, also make in in tactical black.  Can you see me Daystate?  I am manically waiving my money at you!!.  hahahaha.