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Well… now I have another rifle to research.  Thanks for the recommendation.  I like the adjustable cheek rest.  After very little research it looks like; (1) no one has one available and (2) they have a CZ barrel.  I’ll have to research the CZ barrels.  

Is it loud? Do you have anything to compare it to?  

I haven’t been able to find shot string data.  Do you have a shot string documented?

The Kalibrgun Cricket Rifle is a beauty, I’ve started with the .22 cal and have just purchased the .25 cal version since I like the .22 so much.

Have you checked out Cliff’s blog VarmintAir? He has a lot of blog posts about the .22 cal and .25 cal of cricket rifle:

This is what he said about the shot string:

“The Cricket rifles are regulated.  The expectation is, that they will have a low extreme velocity spread, and this one doesn’t disappoint.  She’s putting the 25.4 grain JSB King’s out at an average of 961 fps at the muzzle, for 52.5 fpe, and an extreme spread of only 8 fps.  When I get a chance, I’ll set up the chronograph and run a shot string, as well as chrono a couple of other pellets that I want to try in her.”