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“linsfreak”I was always told by a seller, never buy from first batch.


Times have changed my friend. That used to mean more. It meant you could get stuck with a “lemon”. That won’t happen with any of these high end PCP guns. The bigger picture is do you like the features of whatever model you purchase? Because that’ can’t change. As we’ve seen in this forum the manufacturer has helped people with issues. And the reseller has too. And more importantly, there is NOT one common problem with this gun. 

If it were an unproven company I could agree with not buying the first batch. FX is well established and a well known quality brand in the air gun world. 

A little unrelated but similarly how times have changed….almost 10 years ago i got my first iPhone and my immediate reaction was “it doesn’t come with an owners manual? How am I supposed to learn to use this thing?” I remember that very well. And now my WC didn’t come with a model specific owners manual and I couldn’t care less. Manufacturers know people go to forums or a quick google search to learn how to do something. Times have changed.