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“bobad”That’s exactly the gun I need too. Dead accurate for bench shooting, agile and powerful enough for hunting. My research takes me around and around, but always takes me back to Daystate. I’m not ready to sell my first born to get one, but she better not cross me.

Which Daystate and caliber are you referring to?  For me, the only (current) offerings by Daystate that I’m interested in are the Wolverine Hi-Lites.  I have the B in .22.  And I like .303, but I feel like I’d be giving up more of what I want (i.e. quiet, shot count, etc.) just to have the additional power.  There’s another discussion mentioning this, but the Wolverine in .25 (not currently offered) would be a very attractive rifle.  

I’m not sure about Daystate’s electronic guns.  Some of the shot strings posted on AoA’s website don’t seem any better then the all mechanical rifles.  I’m sure there are benefits, maybe (i.e. trigger, air efficiency, etc.).  Someone with an electronic gun can chime in here.  I’ve never shot one, thus, I’m not qualified.  That’s just my thinking. And we already deal with running out of pellets and running out of air.  I’m not sure I want to add running our of battery to the mix also.