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“Regal_US”I have a Daystate Regal Huntsman XL .22, 30 ft/lbs with a Huggett, and an FX Boss .30, also with a Huggett. Both are great rifles, but with substantial differences, both cosmetic and related to accuracy. I don’t have a favorite, they are different guns.

The Regal, and I suspect this is true of all Daystates, has a really gorgeous polished walnut stock (Rolls Royce interior quality), beautifully balanced, with laser cut checkering exactly where you want it. Ted said in one of his holdover videos: the grip is like velcro. Also, the Daystate pellet holder is a superb piece of engineering; it glides into place with zero resistance, and snaps tight as the inbuilt magnets grab it with a satisfying click. Pellet loading is also a joy: intuitive, positive click stop after each rotation; pure pleasure. The trigger is also sweet; crisp, but with a very light transition to second stage; pure joy again. But, the Regal is not regulated, so there is a modest power curve. Also, its not possible to uncock, and the effort required to arm is surprisingly high.

By contrast (& remember we are comparing a 30 ft lb .22 that costs $1295 and an 80 ft lb .30 that costs $2195), the Boss is regulated, and more accurate, which is probably the most important thing for many people. Loading is also much easier due to the mechanical advantage of the arming lever. After that Daystate wins in every department. The FX walnut stock does not have the beautiful finish of my Regal. The FX magazine works, but its crude compared to the Daystate: its has to be shoved in, no magnets to hold it in place, and loading it is clumsy compared to the Daystate. Also, I’ve yet to get my trigger adjusted to the butter smooth feel of the Regal.

Final thoughts: For some people there is more to a rifle than just how it shoots, and Daystate is the clear winner in this department. FX on the other hand builds powerful devastatingly accurate guns. Don’t get me wrong: the Regal is also a very accurate .22. They are both great guns, but with different look and feel.

I have the same two rifles and totally agree with what you say, both great rifles but very different. Daystate builds very beautiful rifles with a lot of attention towards detail. Their wood stocks are works of art and the metal parts are nicely finished everywhere you look. The Daystate magazines are also first rate how they work but cost 1/10th what a Huntsman MKII cost with one magazine included. They also shoot very well and come with a 3 year warranty.

FX, at least the three I own including a BOSS, are all synthetic stocks and are not of the same quality regarding ruff edges, dents in the stocks, and some of the blued metal bits which somehow made it past quality control or are what FX has deemed acceptable. I would  expect such defects on a sub-$500 rifle made by Hatsan in Turkey, but not on one that cost $1700-$2000.

Another brand that builds beautiful, attention to detail rifles is Air Arms. I don’t know if they do the bluing on their air tubes or if some other company does it for them. Anyway, whoever does it, it’s the nicest bluing I’ve ever seen on any rifle and they need to get in touch with FX and do their blued parts for them.