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The tranquilizer post was on par with what I was saying. Would be nice if FX got into that market. The Pic was from the article linked. That along the same lines as a Pharmaceutical company getting into the ‘dart’ industry. If FX had an ALL iN ONE solution, like the IMPACT with the dart feature. Also the pic was humorous. Was attempting to add some levity to the board.

The picture of my truck it TEDS thread saying it was HIS HOME was making conversation. In his videos in the past he was driving a white tacoma. I was asking if he still had his. At the same time, expressing that I had one too and use mine as our (family) hunting platform. In his videos I have seen him do similar (use it as a shooting platform) and was attempting to find a common ground for conversation and again to LIFT the seriousness from the tone of the thread. You do not have an OFF TOPIC section of this board for idle chit chat. 

MODS are anon. OK…

As for being a NEW GUY to this board. Yes, I am. However, I am not a troll and some of the things I have been suggesting are what make most other forums flow nicely. You folks flipped the script on the way most people are used to seeing a board run and it takes time for people to get used to it. I am and have been a part of some very successful communities in all walks of life with very different minded individuals. Similarities in how all the boards were run and with normal statistics and features available to the users was pretty streamlined over the whole board. 

The specific post I was more concerned about and thus the starting of this thread was my post #18192 . I feel the videos were adding to the supporting FACTS of the issue he was having and some additional insight to others that might have been reading the thread. More trying to help him move through “The Scientific Method” – Hypothesis .

I feel I adhered to the rule you cited. Adding facts to the conversation, at the same time levity. When people see a common ground in a conversation or something of interest, they tend to jump in the conversation and add more to it. If some of the more personal things like vehicles we use, knives, animal tranquilization and Air Guns used to tranq them, on our AirGun endeavors are off topic, buy all means I will not mention them anymore. 

As for the DELETING MY OWN POSTS feature. This is the first board I have been on that I am unable to do so. Please do not feel I am trying to compare this board to any other airgun board either. I am on most of them and do not hide behind many screen names. I am skygear, the one and only. 

I am giving you forum feedback and some of the other users have expressed some of the similar ideas. Others just do not realize they are missing a few functions and features until they do things like double post. Some of the user stats were mentioned previously also. 

Tapatalk plugin. Well, again, lots of other boards use it,, and for the mobile experience it is a beautifully simple interface with an app they already coded. I get my PMs, can easily subscribe to threads and other things. My notifications come up on my phone alerting me to reply and messages etc. If adds are the issue and why you do not want to use the extension, well, tapatalk also displays ads within the app for boards that have them if you set it up in the settings. 

I run boards, and have for many years. I was more trying to help you folks be successful with constructive criticism and letting you know of some of the features and courtesies that other boards have or are doing. When boards are in their infancy, sometimes it takes someone on the outside to assist in the progression of the board with feedback. 

Look at this from a users perspective. You post something, come back to it another day, and it is modified or gone. Might not be able to remember what you had written there either. With a PM or infraction for being OFF TOPIC one would be able to see the infringing post and correct themselves accordingly as a MOD or ADMIN would have already deleted or modified the post.