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How about the Kalibrgun Cricket Rifle (not Bullpup) in .25? I got mine from Jim of Precision Airguns back in September of last year. It was his last one and even though he had already tweaked the trigger and had killed several chucks with it, intending to keep it, he graciously (and reluctantly “I never miss with it”) let me have it. Shortly after I got it I went 7 for 7 on wine corks at 75 yards, 6 for 7 on a pepsi can at 150 yards and shot this group at 100 yards:

Because you can fill to 300 bar and it’s regulated you can get at least the 40 shots per fill you’re looking for. I only shot 5 pellets over the chrony, but I’m getting 48 fpe and I only had a variation of 3 ft/sec over the 5 shots. I can’t speak to shooting it lefty as you describe though.

Moses in PA