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“17bullet”From what I am hearing a 25 cal. would be just the right move for you.

And why not a F/X Wildcat? Looks like it is made just for your use.

Now for the next question you have not asked “what scope’? I recommend Sightron BigSky SIIB 4-16×42. Weighing only 16.6 ounces, 12.9 inches long,  10 yard – infinity.

Scope mount not sure, check with how others are mounting.

And lastly JSB 25 cal  pellets.

The Wildcat is on the top few of my list.  I really like the weight, length, shot count, synthetic stock, and simplicity.  I’m a little worried about the magazine location with me being a lefty, but I guess I’ll know within minutes if it’s going to work or not.  If I don’t modify the rifle I can probably send it back or sell it.  

Regarding the scope… that’s for another discussion.  I think there’s enough going on with this discussion.  I don’t want to “muddy the water” anymore than it already is.  But, I appreciate your Sightron scope recommendation and I’ll definitely check it out.