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Eli “I shoulder rifles left handed, but work the bolt right handed”.

Can you please describe how you are doing this. What rifle have you been able to run a bolt shouldered on the left with your right hand?
I see how this would work with a wildcat but I just can’t make sense of this with a traditional bolt, unless you are taking it from the shoulder.

I am not trying to give you crap I am genuinely interested in this, as I shoot bow, and slingshot cattywampus, being right handed left eye dominant.

Sorry for derailing you’re thread.
By the way BSA r10 mk2 is the do all, “one” pcp rifle I can up with after a great deal of searching, but I had a total budget I had to stay under, which as far as my wife knows I did shhh.

EDIT: wait what you have a daystate wolverine what are you talking about.. What more do you want?