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Well of course there is the long process of sanding the entire stock stippling included. I used medium to fine 320 grit sand paper and pad. My original plan was to stain it with a ebony finish but it didn’t turn out so good. In order to do that you get everything down to natural wood color and I don’t have the skill, tools or the patience for that. I got the ideal of the paint from someone on another forum and the paint I found is by rustoleum and it’s a textured paint. Label says wood, metal and other surfaces. I just took my time and evenly sprayed and applied multiple coats, not thick ones just even. After about 3 coats I attempted a satin clear but didn’t like the look, so I applied 2 more coats of paint and let her dry. The feel is kinda gritty almost like fine sand paper, I myself like the feel. Here is a pic of the paint. Hope this helps.