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21 FX’s and 8 Daystate’s. That says a lot right there. But as a person who owns an FX 400 and 500 along with a Daystate Air Wolf .22 and MK4 .177, I feel I am in a decent position to at least offer my point of view. 

These are two brands which are top-notch in every category. Shot count is incredible, ergonomics are well thought out, quality is impeccable and the accuracy speaks for itself. I think where some people get confused is with the accuracy. Both of these brands will deliver as promised when it comes to accuracy. But that accuracy is dependent on the shooter, the sweet spot of the rifle, the conditions one is shooting around and a whole host of other factors. Think of it as playing golf. You play the same course, use the same equipment. But every time you go out and play, you never get the same score. Why is that? Too many factors to quantify.

But I still think it comes down to the shooter. The gun, once sighted in, will always be the constant. The shooter will always be the unknown variable. And apart from an actual competition, the two brands will not give you much difference in results. I can still hit spinners out to 50 yards and beyond with both brands consistently. So consistent it gets boring. But that is also where the shooter comes in. Some of us want to be able to hit a gnats ear at 100 yards. Some of us are a little more realistic and will just settle for hitting the gnat.  :)

Don’t get too caught up on results you see posted from competitions. I am not saying they are not real, just not the norm for the “everyday” shooter. Want proof of that, try taking the Manabe challenge. It will humble you. Whatever brand(s) you buy, enjoy it and enjoy the sport.