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I have had my eyes on the FX BOBCAT for some time. The revision, MARK 2, was a welcomed addition. HOWEVER, Daystate has been on my radar for a long time too. I like the look and accuracy of the Wolverines. The Wolverine 303 Hi-Lite has been appealing to me for some time. Equipped it with an additional suppressor and she is a WIN for me. 

SO My projected arsenal for the time being is this. 

FX BOBCAT Mark2 .25 Supressed (on order)
DayState Wolverine 303 HI-Lite CF Bottle in the 480cc 
FX Impact – Full barrel and Magazine set
PCP handgun.

Had also been interested in that RAW HW1000 .357 . I want and need  BIG BORE to finish out the hunting collection.