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“ztirffritz”Here’s what you have to consider about these tanks.  There a very specialized type of item.  I can’t imagine that there are more than a handful of places making them, probably 2 or 3 at most.  That means that a bunch come from Luxfer, and 1 or 2 other companies.  There really isn’t that much difference in the quality of the tanks.  Maybe the fittings and gauges are where the quality differences show up.  I don’t doubt that Joe’s tanks are high quality and he knows what he’s doing.  But if I can put together a tank that’s of the same quality or close enough for 1/5 the cost, I’m going to save that money.  The tank I’m putting together might come out to about $300 with all the bells and whistles, maybe $200 if I keep it simple.  That’s $550 less than Joe wants, or $450 less than AirHog, for nearly the same thing.  The difference is that Joe’s stuff is all brand new, and ready to go out of the box.  I need to put it together on my own and do the leg work to get it re-certified.  If I had gobs of money, I’d probably buy from Joe just for the simplicity.  I don’t have gobs of money, so I’ll figure it out on my own.

Luxfer makes most of the carbon fiber tanks out there. I got my entire setup including a buddy bottle for less than $600.  I also have an extra fill assembly so I can cascade my tanks down to about 2500 psi each before I need to fill. I didn’t get everything at the same time.