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Hi guys and hopefully gals… A few maybe.. Would be nice.. I’m pretty new to all of this. Originally from California, I live on a farm on the southern coast of Sweden and keep, along with horses, dogs and cats, chickens for household eggs. As you may know, keeping chickens means keeping rats. When their numbers grow outside of the acceptable ratio of my benevolence to their right to exist, a round of culling is implemented. I’ve used poison a few times, but couldn’t bring myself to do it last fall and began looking into alternative methods. A friend and neighbor brought over his old rusty .177 breakbarrel of unknown origin and assured me it would do the job, albeit painstakingly, a few at a time. I set about sourcing a better weapon and as an introduction rifle chose the .22 Hatsan Mod. 60, a reworked Webley Stingray. I practiced springer technique while searching out the best pellets for my gun gun until I could reliably produce 5 shot groups inside a nickel at a modest 13 yards over and over. To be fair I use tru glo iron sights so… I’ve done ok over the past winter. 30 or so rats that have had, “mmmm.. peanut butter…”  as their final thoughts. Not a bad way to go. I am now in the process of dialing in a Benjamin Marauder Pistol for the purpose. Waiting on a scope and looking forward to using a quiet little repeating carbine with no recoil. Enough already! Thank you all for a massively informative forum! Special thanks to Ted Bier, Matt Dubber and Jim Chapman for being such awesome ambassadors! Adios for now!