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Thankyou Ted, your videos are fantastic, the technology blows me away, your reviews fair and informative, your respect for your prey commendable and your cooking had my mouth watering. You have made a very positive impact on me by opening up a new world of airgunning and rekindling  my love of shooting spanning 54 years starting at the age of 6 with a Daisy BB gun, which I still have. After spending many evenings enjoying your videos I dug out some old friends, a Sheridan Bluestreak 20cal, a RWS 24 .177cal, a HW 30 .177cal and a HW 45 .177cal, I had a Beeman R1 which was sold.  I am ashamed to say these have sat idle for way too many years. The Bluestreak was always very accurate, but I became frustrated with the spring guns, not knowing of the artillery hold. I am now enjoying them all and am now getting great results with the spring guns. My wife is a shooting the RWS 24, my stepson the HW 30, and I ordered (should arrive 6/26) for my son and myself two .22cal HW 95s one tuned the other left stock. Love those spring guns for plinking we are having blast with variety of targets. I have even set up a indoor range where I can shoot the HW45. Being a traditional firearm person I recently took the plunge into PCP with the purchase of a Daystate Huntsman Regal XL .22cal I am very impressed with the craftsmanship, beauty and accuracy. 
This is the first Forum I have ever joined and the first time I have participated. I felt it was important to voice my support for Ted and this forum, I have gained so much knowledge and received so much enjoyment from so many talented and good people. The companies I have dealt with so far have been quite helpful and tolerant of my many questions. There will always be toxic unhappy people who, for whatever reason try to tear others down rather than doing the work to grow and contribute positive input. I truly appreciate everyones effort to protect this valuable resource and keep this forum a positive venue for the sharing of ideas, opinions and information.