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never had an axidental shot go off with air gun or pb , so i guess im lucky there (or just follow good gun safety)

but i did have a case with an airsoft rifle one time .

had turned in an electrical g36c asult rifle for a high power output tune and after paying premium price i picked it up in its case .

got home and into the livingroom , opened the case up and wanted to check out the rifle … it was without a magasin and i did rack the loading handle two times so it should have been clear , then took the sfety off and pulled the trigger with the gun pointing muzzle into the floor      some how the moron that had “tuned” it had jammed a pellet in the barrel , and my trigger pull resulted in a 6mm plastic bb hitting my beautiful oak floorboard and putting an ugly dent in it before ricochetting into the tv screen and breaking it :P

partialy my foult , but by dang that fellow got a good werbal asult that day !