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When I first got my Marauder .25 I always kept it close to the kitchen window, in a closet, with magazines in another drawer.  Always used the barrel cap that it was packaged with to indicate when it was unloaded to put away.  I had it about 2 days and was up late fondling it and scoping out the window.  With the cap on it was “safe.”  It was.  But for some reason I did not release the hammer after taking the clip out and unloading it.  I think I had cleaned the barrel or adjusted something on it so the hammer got cocked.  As I was pointing it through an expensive kitchen window I squeezed the trigger (about midnight with everyone in the house asleep) and POP!  The yellow plastic barrel cap hit the window so hard that it left a very clear circular imprint and sounded like a rimfire going off.  My wife did not ask any questions when I came to bed (she is a sweetheart that way) and nothing was hurt but my pride.  Gun safety rules broken??  Just about all of them.  Gun safety is not a joke and even the people who know what they are doing can sometimes forget when they are alone or let their guard down.  
I also thought I was pretty hot at eliminating sparrows off of my bird feeder.  I would go all over the place to get the right angle so that I would take the sparrows without touching the feeder.  I had a successful reaping of critters and was very pleased that the finches and droves of other song birds seemed to be coming back. …until the fall, when the tall ornamental grass turned brown and slumped over, revealing what was left of my white, plastic garden fence.  It looked like swiss cheese because those shots that so skillfully avoided the bird feeder cut through the grass and slammed huge chunks of the plastic slats .  My wife asked why I was replacing a section of fence and I mentioned that the weed whacker broke a couple spots.  This was true.  I am not proud of this but, you know, can’t have someone looking over my shoulder reminding me not to shoot holes in stuff all the time.  Now I have steel plates on the bottom 4 inches of my bird feeder.  So …win win.