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Both are great rifles.  I’m looking at a RAW.  RAW currently does not have laminate in stock, and can’t say when it will be in stock.  Their supplier of laminate lost a warehouse (or something) to fire and is not making laminate for now.  RAW is looking for another supplier.

AA 510 is great, I have a .22 thumbhole with very nice walnut.  Doesn’t have a regulator, but does have a power adjustor.  Very accurate, light weight.  30 shots at 80% power, seems to be the sweet spot, as is 180-150 BAR at 50-100 yards. 180 BAR (~2600 psi) is a rather low starting pressure, so refills are easy.  If shooting targets, at close range, can dial the power level to 25% and get a 100 shots.  Can do a red-neck regulator by starting at 80% and after 30 shots, dial in full power for another 10+ shots at the 80% POI. 

Many shoot at 50% power (which is also very accurate) and dial up the power twice, or more, to get a good, longer shot string.