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Above .177 caliber, you have to apply for a licence, but there’s no limit on power for any caliber.
​You have to buy a approved steel gun cabinet to get the licence.
​Hunting is for powder burners only, no exceptions as far as i know.
Normal processing time is a few weeks (includes a background check 😊 ), but if you have prior approved licenses, you can get approved in 2-3 days.
They did question why i wanted a .25, as the “normal” caliber people want is a .22.

For big game hunters:
In addition to a hunting license which includes a written test (done once) , big game hunters need to pass a test every year (if they want to hunt that year): 30 training shots which are registered. And 5 shots within a 12″ (30cm) cricle on a caribou silhouette at 109 yards (100m), no fixed shooting support like bipods allowed.