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You are correct in the loudness. Again. I feel there should be a few ‘Chapters’ of us airgunners in a given area or state to state, etc. That would allow people to meet and greet, then able to test or show off each others gear in a non competition setting. I am a part of a lot of ‘groups’ for various activities and sports I am into with other like minded individuals. There are meets all the time. Once a month normally for each group. 

In doing that, it would give each ‘chapter’ or ‘community’ of ‘gunners’ (in this case) to share a specialized tool with others to resolve any questions about a specific item in a scientific, fact driven method with repeatable results. 

I am an electronics guy. So I have all the specialized tools to do what I do. As stated before though, I do not mind investing in another ‘tool’ that would benefit myself and the community. Frankly I am surprised a company like AoA doesn’t do this sort of testing. Or a Company like ‘FX’ wouldn’t do this. It would be a nice piece of purchasing info to look at while trying to make an educated decision on such an expensive item looked at as a luxury item. 

Could be something simple like. – 24″ wildcat barrel with no additional shrouds. Shooting a .22 JSB Diabolo Extra King 18.2 grains ( this is all an example and not real world info). Open field, 3 feet in front, 3 feet behind ‘Super sound meter’ 3 shots. Reads 92db

Then there could be additional tests like – One Shroud/ baffle, Two Shrouds/ baffles, Three –> all the way up to 6 or so with additional DB readings for each. Of course there would have to be a disclaimer of some sort stating that these results were done in x environment and should be used as a guide line and not something to swear by.

I mean, FX and AoA claim to test each one before they leave the facility. I do not know how that would be possible if there are things like the ‘hole in the air tube’ slipping by them. If they were in fact testing them and then shipping, how hard would it be to add the DB meter readings to each rifle. There is enough PROFIT/ Markup in each of these to warrant the extra care or info to be included in each rifle.  


If there were local chapters, people could invest in a few of the big ticket items and share them amongst each other, or even like a true club, collect dues to purchase big ticket items for everyone to use. HP Compressor/ Fill station comes into mind, Chronograph, DB meter, Trigger Pull meter, anemometer. This is a sport where there is a lot of trust among the users of the items and not an inexpensive sport to be involved in. Why can’t we treat it like such? Have an actual club setup.