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Vulcan .25 Fist Impressions

This is my first expensive airgun and I expected better. The wood stock looks and feels like plastic, and sounds like hollow plastic when I tap back by the butt end. There are flaws which I first thought were pin holes in a couple of areas.

But when seen close up they look like debris under walnut patterned shelf paper.  Overall the Vulcan’s stock actually looks sort of OK, just not what I’d expect from a $1600 airgun, and not nearly up to the level of my $600 Sumatra.

After replacing a nicked o-ring on the fill probe and replacing the included foster quick disconnect with one from my Hatsan I was able to fill the Vulcan with air with my trusty hand pump… what a workout over 200 bar. Why can’t manufacturers include a quick-disconnect fitting and move the pressure gauge where it should be – in the stock. Fill probes are a royal pain. And the gauge on this airgun is pretty pitiful… difficult to see the 250 bar max.

Taking my first shot the Vulcan jammed… it seems to jam about every 4th mag or so. The bolt is really stiff and the end of the bolt wants to back out after a mag or two. Item 62 Plug bearing (if I’m reading the PL correctly) also slowly backs out after shooting a few mags.  

Item 72 Power adjuster is what I think the red thingy below may be. But I don’t know if that is the way it’s supposed to look or if it should have more parts since it is not mentioned in the manual other than in the PL and there are no related picts or instructions.

Speaking of the manual, it has some nice pictures. It also calls the Vulcan a weapon and says I can’t hunt with it. It calls the safety a weapon lock. The weapon lock is stiff in my opinion.

If the Vulcan turns out to be as accurate as some say, and I can stop the Vulcan from jamming then I will be able to overlook the other flaws. But that is yet to be seen since I haven’t sighted it in yet… my Simmons scope elevation is maxed out and I have some different rings on order. Hopefully that will address the problem.

I do like the trigger… a lot, and do like its weight and balance.

Wish me luck with this one…I hope things improve, I really do want to like it.