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“zebra”I wish these reviewers would wait a little longer before putting up these reviews. To do it right, you need to spend some real time with the gun, see how it lasts or if there are some parts that break after a few weeks. How is it holding zero and holding air after a month or three. Taking it into the field on a hunting trip or two.

I’d also like them to provide some more useful insights to help with buying decisions. I.e. Don’t just tell me you like it, I want to now if, for the money, I should buy this gun, the Daystate Huntsman or the BSA R10 mk2 etc.

You have three rifles there for a similar price going after the same market. We already know they are all good because they never give bad reviews.

Just one man’s opinion but for me, if you’ve seen one of his reviews, you’ve seen them all. 

You and I are in the same boat my friend. Those 3 rifles are my short list. I’m really twitching to pull the trigger on one, but every time I think I have made my mind up, I hesitate for some reason or another about the other 2. 
The Regal XL is the best looking, no doubt. Does it being unregulated really matter? It seems that everyone that has one says it is accurate, and they get 40-50 shots before loss of velocity effects accuracy. That seems pretty good to me for an unregulated rifle. 
The Streamline seems like a typical FX; very efficient and accurate. Doesn’t do anything for me as far as looks go, but I can live with it. 
The R10; beautiful stock even though I don’t really like the looks of a bottle gun. Regulated, but I am seeing more people taking out the BSA factory regulator and put in a Huma. That just sorta bothers me. You spend $1,100 for an air rifle and yet you STILL have to add a part to make it efficient?? BSA should fix that. 
I guess the good news is I can’t go wrong with any of them.