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Ill send pictures to your pm for review. You guys (and anyone else) are more than welcome to hunt any of our three properties in central Kentucky. One is in the mountains (200 acres), another (300 acres) runs across the river and backs up to Daniel Boone national forest and the last (600 acres) is almost flat and full of deer with no limits on doe. You can look at all 3 to pick which way you want to go. We have squirrels, rabbit, bobcat, fox, coyote, raccoon, possum, dove, turkey, and deer on each location. I’m sure I’m forgetting some. For turkey and dove you must use wing shot and for deer the law states airgun is fine but must be muzzle loader with no FIELD access to breech. Small game is open to any airgun and coyote and other pests have no restriction. I also sit on my back porch in spring and fall and shoot the blackbirds and sparrows that come in the thousands to perch on the electrical sub station behind my house and you’re welcome there also. I keep active feeders full year round on two of the properties but have the equipment and don’t mind baiting the third if wanted. No hotel needed. We have more than enough room at home and you can even use the cabin if you’d like some privacy. I own my business so getting off work to hunt is never an issue either. Let me know if you’d like to spend some time in our beautiful state and I’ll get prepared. Thanks for the opportunity and even if I’m not chosen I look forward to this exciting new series! I never thought I’d meet so many great people when I started airgunning. Keep up the awesome work!

edit- license for non residents is $15 a day I think but ill double check if necessary. They can be purchased online at any time.