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“addertooth”I have a 25 marauder with the Huma regulator with integral gauge block.  Yes, the gauge shows only the regulated pressure.  Mine is set to 1800 psi.  I get 42 shots at 40 FPE from a single fill with JSB 25.39 grain pellets, more shots and fpe with heavier pellets.  Substantial work has been done on the gun.  Transfer port and barrel are 0.187 and polished.  Hill Valve with optional 6 pound spring.  20 gram hill aluminum hammer with hill striker.  WAR TSS, set at close to the minimum strike.  The bolt, which partially blocks the transfer port, has be recontoured and narrowed at the hips and given a gentle spoon shape.  Hammer tube polished and deburred.  Gauge hole has been deburred and polished.  And yes, I like the huma regulator.  It allows me to stay below a 2 percent extreme spread for all 42 shots.

Did you do all the extra work yourself?