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Mike my reg pressure is at factory setting of 140bar. The gauges can be  inaccurate so if your reg setting
is at factory setting I’d leave it for now. I start with valve ajuster on about 3 white lines. I then use the 
power wheel to get in the ball park with velocity. This can vary a little gun to gun. Then I find it seems to be best if I can pick up the final fps by adjusting valve out from 3 towards 4 white lines. Final adjustments can be surprisingly small. 
I got good results shooting 16g a little quicker than the 18g. 
I think with the smooth twist barrel speed is important as it effects the twist rate of the pellet and so stability so there seems to be a defo “sweet” spot. There is a lot of info in the pcp section of the forum from very smart cookies on tuning this rifle. Take a look through the archives you’ll get everything you need. 
Good luck at the range!