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@addertooth Let me clarify. I stated that .35 caliber or larger was required, meaning if you were to go hunting mountain lions. You can use under .35 caliber but minimum of .22 caliber for small game and predators up to the size of coyotes and bobcats. I personally use either my .30 caliber boss .25 caliber wildcat when predator hunting and only take shots up to 60 yards maybe 75 yards with the Boss. I have never been down to the San Pedro area, pm me and maybe I can make a trip down there and we could have a go at them. It is my understanding the Arizona fish and game is revisiting the requirements for air rifle hunting for game animals. If and when changes are made it will be based upon a combination of energy requirement and caliber for the weapon rather than strictly caliber. Ie: .30 caliber or larger with a minimum of 75ft/lbs energy to hunt (insert species here). It will be interesting to see when that happens what the requirements will be.