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ztrirffritz is correct. Returned to the truck from calling bobcats and fox. Set the wildcat down on the front passenger seat butt facing out the passenger door. Didn’t discharge the weapon prior to setting it down. Packed away the blind, call and other goodies. Reached down to grab the gun by the pistol grip with the right hand and the butt with my left.  Must have brushed or bumped the safety to fire. When I started to lift the gun up from the seat I touched the trigger and poof…. nice quarter inch round hole in the lower rear corner of the drivers side window. The tint film kept the glass from all falling out. Put the blue tape there to cover the hole and hold the shattered glass up and keep it from sliding down into the door panel as it was starting to rain. $96.00 lesson learned. Fortunately nothing worse happened. Now first thing that happens when I start to take down the blind is to make sure the gun is discharged.