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“pndofflesh”I guess I’m just new to all of this but how do you call yourself a good shot when your using a vise with calibration levers and in some cases an electronic trigger presser to do your shooting. Ted is a great shot and he knows his weapon inside and out now that is impressive!
By the way no offense meant to you folks with electronic trigger pressers and vises to do your shooting.

Im with ya on this one. Me, I take off my back pack and throw it on the table,ground,whatever and have a great time shooting quarter size groups at 25 yards with whatever I am using that day with my el cheapo Crosmans. In the bay beside me, the fella took a good 30-45 minutes setting up his table, dialing in his 32 power scope, locking his rifle in a vise and didnt do much of anything short of squeezing all day with some high dollar projectiles. Irony is, he could put 4 touching, then one flier that made his groups the same size as mine. To each is own, but I have no plans on carrying a table and a vise with me everywhere I go.

Ted is an amazing sportsman and I enjoy watching his videos, Congrats Ted!!!!