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“BRS”Hi Mike (sorry for delay in replying)…YASSOU !!!
I live in the UK and have had 2 sailing visits (various Greek isles) and 2 holidays in Corfu, 1 in northen Rhodes over the years.

Your Airgun laws are similar to some other European countries ie: no real restriction on ownership but no hunting with them.

I don’t own an Impact but have several other FX rifles, in the case of the Impact it’s my view that there are almost TOO MANY possible adjustments !

I hope you find the right balance soon my only advice would be to back off the hammer spring tension very slightly.

Keep us informed of your progress.

Hiya mate, lived for 5 years in Swansea, fun times…

About Impact, it seems that the adjustments are way too many and the ones that work well are very few. This is to be expected though, laws of physics are quite firm, LOL.

If you ever visit Greece during August, Paros or Syros or Lesvos in the future, give me a buzz, I will show you around.

I will keep everybody posted…