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I have it in the .22 cal.   Mine shoots at 30FPE when tested with diablo 15 grains.    Like 950+ fps on my chrono.

I would say the Daystate Regal XL is the best airgun you can get for many reasons.

– Looks – The walnut work is quality all the way
– Weight – The thing only weights 6 pounds.  Ie most good springer guns are 10+ pounds
– 10 shot magnetic clip
– Trigger – nice
– Mechanical – old school, I did not like the electronice trigger on the large Daystates.  Too much to go wrong.
– Balance – It just feels like my old .22 rim fire single shot.   Good balance
– Noise – very quite
– Accuracy – all you need for hunting small game up to 50 yards.  (Yes it can kill at 100 yards)

I paid 1400.00 for mine so 1,000 is a very good deal.  You won’t find many guns at 1,000 that have all the features of the Regal XL.     A close second (Stock is not as good) is the Brocock elite S6 with the pistol grip.   Its stock is not as fancy but it can be had for 700 or so.    I