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Hi Mike. Most impact owners find the sweet spot at around 915fps with .22 18g. I know traditionally under 
900 is where most barrels are best but not usually with a smooth twist barrel. 
Between 880 and 900 the pellet may loose then regain stability. Best bet is tune to that speed
and then fine tune with the valve adjuster. You may have already been there and tried this but if not 
give it a go. Also cleaning the barrel does make a difference! I clean my barrel each time I pump 
it up with air. It’s so easy to take the barrel of and do and it saves me wondering what’s up with the 
the gun for a moment and then realising the barrel is leading up! 
I have a wiehrauch also.  Couldn’t agree more re trigger! Love it. 
Just what I have discovered with my impact.