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md_kc: As you see, some folks reply without reading the whole thread. We see that it multiple pages and just hit reply rather than reading them all.

I too have a  Marauder Pistol aka “P-Rod” on the way, so I’ll be interested in a sneak peek of how it is working out for you. 

Pumping will not be a problem at all. Don’t let the initial pump-up fool you. You’ll only be shooting from about 2900 psi down to 1800 or 1900 psi, so pumping from 500 to 3000 is not representative. If you’re like me, you’ll actually relish the exercise from the pumping. You’re taller and heavier than me, so it’ll be easier for you too.

I think most P-Rod owners that are dedicated enough to join a forum usually do a couple basic mods:

  • Drill out the transfer port to .110 or .125″ for just a smidge more power; bring it up to 15 FPE instead of 12.
  • If you want it to be nice and quiet, add an additional moderator to the end of it.. That also will make the barrel appear longer, so it’ll look more like a carbine, instead of a long pistol with a stock. 

In time, I might pimp up the stock to be something other than plastic. Maybe build or buy a custom wood one. Some folks cut/carve a piece of wood to fill the void in the skeletonized shoulder stock.

In the past, they had a reputation of being “pellet-picky”: it took lots of testing of different pellets to find the one it likes best. Not sure if that’s true any more. You and I will find out!