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Not to get off the subject but, It is an impact “tune the gun” is what the impact is all about. If you take your impact (if you own an impact) and adjust it in a like manner you can achieve the near same results….EX …Pellet Selection…..Power Wheel…….Hammer Travel……Regulator Pressure….. all of these are adjustable by you “out of the box”
#9 He said longer shroud not…. barrel….. but it goes along with #3 if i do A… how dose it effect …B,C,D 
If you suggest we only shoot them “out of the box” they are not loaded “out of the box” (said laughing) i do get what you mean. Just not the case with the gun ted won with. It is not a shoot out of the box gun unless you want it to be. but load it first. Don’t forget air.