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If I am understanding you correctly, the adjustable power wheel is adjusting the transfer port.
I currently have the Hatsan Gladius long, which has a power adjuster.  I have tuned down the hammer spring and left the power level at max.  This gave me the best shot curve for the particular pellet that my gun likes.  The pellet is a little heavy so if I decide to shoot a lighter pellet, all I have to do is turn down the power wheel and not mess with the hammer spring.  The curve wouldn’t look as good but for temporary use, its good enough.  IMO, All tuning does is optimizes the gun to the pellet.
I think there are guns out there that don’t require much adjustment but since they are so expensive, I have never had a chance to mess with them.  Even with these, I would think that some adjustment is necessary to maximize that gun’s potential.