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I absolutely love my .177 Gamo Coyote and use it for field target. It’s incredibly accurate. I have the second gen that comes with the whisper silencer form the factory and its just as quiet as .177 marauder if not more. Mechanical noise is certainly less. Don’t get me wrong I love my .25 marauder but for field target I chose the coyote and got rid of the .177 marauder due to accuracy and shots per fill plus its super consistent shot to shot without aftermarket accessories (regulator) and expense. Now to the trigger. It was less than awesome and I used it in factory setup for the pyramyd air cup last year and did fine but after competition I began tweaking it to my wants. Now its as nice as any trigger on any gun I own. Can’t wait to show the guys that fired it last year at the cup to try it this year to see how well it turned out. Set at exactly 20 fpe, I get 50 shots before poi begins to shift. I enjoy the accuracy of the coyote so much I bought a .22 BSA for the squirrels. They hate it! Thinking seriously about getting a coyote .25 just to see if all calibers are created equal from BSA. I’m sure I wont be disappointed. If you have the opportunity to buy one used or on sale don’t hesitate and if you’re thinking of buying one new, its worth $500 for sure. If something happened to mine I would order another to replace it without looking at other options. I’m not an expert in accuracy but I’m pretty sure when all of your shots go through the same hole, its good. I think you’re getting an awesome value with the BSA action and barrel with Gamo branding at lower prices. Now after all this talk its time to shoot mine!